How to Create BIG Classes?

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At this online workshop you'll learn how to create amazing live classes all over the world! 

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  • Monday, Jun 17, 2024 8:00 PM CEST
  • Hosted by Nikolett

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This webinar is for you if you want to learn:

How to out-create yourself and what choices lead to bigger classes

How to organize exclusive events and how to get the best deals with venues

How you can give the participants an amazing all-day experience

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Your host: Nikolett

Erdélyi Nikolett

As the founder of she inspires thousands of people every day to change and create a more exciting life. 

For a long time, she gave up herself to be "normal" and meet the expectations of the outside world. In connection with her serious accident in 2015, she realized how free it is to be free from her own and other people's judgments, as a result of which she radically changed her life. ⭐️

Her goal is to convey the knowledge that everyone can use to steer their lives in a new direction in a casual, human-friendly and comprehensible language. Through her courses, online programs and the Brilliant membership, she works tirelessly to awaken people to their potential and give them the tools to create their lives with ease. 🚀

How to create big classes online workshop is the next important step in this process, which you can now be a part of! ✅

Translations available!

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The online event is recommended for you if:

You're just curious about how others create big classes

You do not need to own a business to get fantastic inspirations at this workshop! Your openness is enough!

You are thinking of starting a business

If you've already thought about starting a business and creating courses and you're interested in knowing how to do it from an energy that brings you the most.

You are a beginner who have just started creating classes

If you want to get out of the limiting mindset of what is possible for you, then this presentation is a good opportunity to change that and level up.

You are a pro and open to everything

If you are already a pro, you know very well that there is always something new to learn, and it is possible that you will hear something that will inspire you and take your business and classes to a new level.

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